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processed cereal powders to enjoy whole grain nutrition, fiber, flavour & texture. 

EGG POWDERS adds nutrition, elasticity, taste, and longer shelf life to flour made products. We offer a variety of light yellow powders with egg odor, with good emulsification, gelling, whipping, and water retention properties!

FLAXMEAL from (organic/GMO free) cold pressed flax oil production, used in binding systems due to its strong cold-swelling effect. Rich in fibre and vegetable protein & a low-carb food ideal for diabetics. Source of fibre & healthy fats & antioxidant lignans

SUNFLOWER & PEA PROTEIN : high in protein, fibre, starch, vitamins & minerals. Milled to the desired particle size, we get a mild taste With abt 23% protein making it an excellent binder in bakery. 

DRIED FRUIT powders enhancing nutrition, flavour & color.  Applied for its nutritional and functional benefits & for fiber enrichment & texturizer in products