combine products to fill min 90% of a '20 FCL


carton 9kg

Premium Chocolate made according to the traditional Belgian recipes and using the best cocoa and dairy ingredients. We supply the Premium Belgian Chocolate in all kinds of shapes and packaging solutions, like drops, chunks, vermicelli etc.
  • White or Milk Chocolate with 31% or dark with 70% cocoa solids
  • Dark Bakestable for cookies, pastry and cakes with 44% cocoa solids
  • Cocoa Mass 1cm chips and Cocoa Butter deodorised pure prime pressed West-African cocoa butter in 1 cm chips. Excellent cocoa taste, fine and smooth texture, shiny appearamce and excellent snap
  • Multi-purpose decorating, enrobing, flavouring patisserie, muffin, fillings, mousses, ganache, moulding, hollow figures, pralines, decorations
  • chocolate compound coatings offer the genuine taste and texture of chocolate with no need for tempering or fatty blooming after cooling. Heated to a temperature of 50° C. Before coating, cool to 38-40° C. (coating will may be too thick below 38° C or not hardening above 41°)                                                                                      Applications: biscuits, waffles, Swiss rolls, soufflés, cakes, spice-cakes, sponge cakes & sweets, marsh-mellows, fruit jellies, caramel, nuts & dried fruit
      • blocks: 4 x 5 kg blocks in 20 kg boxes
      • trays: 6 x 4 kg blocks in 24 kg boxes
      • vemicelli: 2 x 10 kg per bag in 20 kg boxes
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