combine products to fill min 90% of a '20 FCL


10kg carton (20x500g)

selected enzyme strains delivering superior bread volume and dough stability. Optimizes dough handling properties and baking performance with significantly increased  shelf life (500 g/ 100 kg flour)
INGREDIENTS : flour, ascorbic acid; glucose-oxidase, alpha-amylase, hemicellulase, lipase, xylanase. 
BAKERSOFT Premium bread improver for soft baked goods offering increased softness and shelf life. Promotes dough handling properties & fermentation tolerance. Get fine-textured baked products with good volume, soft, white crumb and extended shelf-life. (0.5 - 0.7% on flour weight)
RYE EXPRESS  improves rye bread, morning rolls, loaves. 
SIBERY Improver for frozen dough. crispy rolls, buns etc. (2 - 4% on flour weight). Applied in short (1-3 months) frozen soft, crusty breads and laminated pastries. Strengthen dough and volume in frozen process.
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