combine products to fill min 90% of a '20 FCL


10kg bag

range of processed cereals packed in easy to use packing  

Groats gets digested only at the end of the digestive tract and, as it moves through your intestines unchanged, cleans it thoroughly from mucus and waste products. Recommended against digestive system disorders.

High in vitamins B and E, potassium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and sodium. As it contains 30% starch it doesn’t take long to cook and is quite rich. It supports your body gently and delicately and helps your bone system to renew. High iron and protein but also contains calcium, phosphorus, vitamin P, B vitamins and apple and lemon acid. The rich mineral composition will let you maintain your health. Despite its high nutritional value, it doesn’t contain many carbs. This makes buckwheat a great dietary product. It's the main food product in a diabetic’s diet because it makes your sugar level go down. A large amount of easily absorbed iron helps to renew the blood and normalize hemoglobin levels. It’s one of the best natural medicines.
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