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100% NATURAL pine honey with extraordinary health effects such as its stronger healthy enzyme activity, higher amino acids & mineral contribution. Superior anti-oxidant capacity. Has anti-inflammatory properties, immunostimulant, cleanser. Its prebiotic with higher dosis of complex sugars & lower glucose & fructose content

Pine honey is a honeydew or forest honey produced by bees that collect honeydew from a scale insect species (Marchalina hellenica) which lives on the sap of certain pine trees.

 Honeydew honey is generally quite dark and thick with a full-bodied yet pleasant flavor that is suggestive of pine sap. Culinary uses aside, pine, like many other kinds of honey, boasts some incredible health benefits.

1) Rich in oligosaccharides, natural sugar-based compounds with digestive benefits: a probiotic action, supporting healthy gut flora. 

2) energizing & anti-hypoglycemic properties: contains natural, non-refined sugars, primarily fructose & glucose, giving instant energy. Ideal for when you become hypoglycemic and experience dizziness. 

3) Crystallizes slowly. As its fructose content is higher than the glucose content,(up to 18 months to crystallize)