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super cereal blend

heat treated protein rich cereal blend to be mixed with water & cooked. Vitamin enriched, porridge used for even the most demanding of specifications, with optimal ratio of nutrition to volume. Besides health-promoting properties of antioxidants, beta-glucans accelerate the feeling of satiety. 

Nutritional value per 100 g. dry finished product:
- Energy: 380 kcal min      Protein: 14.0 % (N x 6.25) min
- Fat: 6.0 % minimum        Crude fibre: 3.8 % maximu
Minerals (typical values)
Calcium: 400-600mg      
Potassium: 300-400mg
Magnesium: 100-140mg
Sodium: <290mg
Phosphorous: 400-600mg
Selenium: 20-30mcg       
Iodine: 80-120mcg

Shelf life:
Minimum 12 months when stored and in cool (max 30C) dry conditions,