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Fortified compressed cereal bars, baked wheat, sugar, protein, malt, vitamins and minerals. Food supplement can be eaten directly or as porridge mixed with water or milk. 
oat hart
Nutrition per 100 g
Energy value: 440 kcal  Proteins: 12% 
Carbohydrates: 57-61%  Fat: min 15%

Vit A: 0.47mg  B1: 0.52mg   B2: 0.8mg  B6: 0.87mg  B12: 1.3mcg  C: 40mg Niacin: 8mg  D: 4.3mcg  E: 7.0mg Folic acid: 130mcg   

Storage, Transport and delivery
Packaging allows airdrop delivery. Store in a cool dry place below 30C for 12m

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