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Vermicelli Decor Milk

chocolate compound coatings offer the genuine taste and texture of chocolate with no need for tempering or fatty blooming after cooling. Heated to a temperature of 50° C. Before coating, cool to 38-40° C. (coating will may be too thick below 38° C or not hardening above 41°)

Applications: biscuits, waffles, Swiss rolls, soufflés, cakes, spice-cakes, sponge cakes & sweets, marsh-mellows, fruit jellies, caramel, nuts & dried fruit

  • packaging:
    • drops: 20 kg boxes
    • blocks: 4 x 5 kg blocks in 20 kg boxes
    • trays: 6 x 4 kg blocks in 24 kg boxes
    • vemicelli: 2 x 10 kg per bag in 20 kg boxes
  • White / Milk / Dark Confectionery / ice cream Coating
  • White Chocolate creamy sweet white chocolate with 29% cocoa solids
  • Milk Chocolate with 31% or Dark Chocolat' with 55% cocoa solids

  • Bakestable dark Chocolate for cookies and cakes with 44% cocoa solids

  • Cocoa Mass & Butter natural blended cocoa mass in 1 cm chips

  • Decorations like curls, shavings, vermicelli, sticks etc

BB at max 3-18 C - 75% humidity


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