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The company

With 28 yearscomprehensive knowledge of the flour value chain, Innesto identified modular clickx to increase productivity, cut costs or optimize dough rheology for bread, biscuit, noodle industry.  We finetune flours tailored to the specific expectations of our clients. Our cutting-edge concentrates provide cost effective volume boost, product stability, fresh-keeping or compensate for wheat fluctuations & guarantee consistent baking properties.



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Tailor made innovations

We are a research–driven company, developping bakery ingredients tailor made for your process conditions & market expectations. Innesto provides cutting-edge enzyme solutions for millers, bakers, noodle & biscuit manufacturers, ensuring product stability, mouthfeel modulation, fresh-keeping or volume boost.. Our product-specific process aids optimize performance at low dosage..Our enzyme complexes maintain excellent performance during prolonged storage at elevated temperatures.

Areas of operation

Development of flour & dough conditioners in state of the art production units. Quality monitoring & continuous R&D to improve our bakery ingredients and assure optimal flour performance in 40 export markets.

Export of pasta, breakfast cereals, flakes, groats & semolina





Zandstraat 11 ~ 9940 Ertvelde ~ Belgium

+32 477 391 800 ~ dvc@innesto.group

+32 476 550 003 ~ nj@innesto.group

Our mission

Our Mission is to develop & deliver qualitative, innovative & competitive food ingredients and offer high standard efficient services to the food industry. We are committed at being pioneers, at growing and at creating value for our customers, our partners and our society.

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