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Our range includes Sheep or Goat cheese, Cheddar (& alternatives) for Pizza & Hamburgers, Gouda & Edam for Sandwich & Toast, Parmesan for Pasta, Halloumi for Grill ... Blocks, shredded, diced or sliced, available in different packaging for retail, HoReCa & Industry.  (GMO Free, ISO2200, Halal & Kosher Certified)
Mozarella from Italian buffalo milk. Block, shredded, diced or sliced long life Mozzarella for Retail, HoReCa & Industry.  
soft compact white cheese formed in blocks.(Max 56% moisture min 43% Fat content). 

Feta with a creamy texture and aromas of ewe's milk

Edam & Goudamild-flavored, yellow cow's milks.