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protein sources as beans, flaxseed, Hemp, Pea or sesame, sunflower. ALA is plant-based Omega-3 and is the only essential Omega-3 as our body can't produce. We need to obtain ALA through the diets.  ALA functions as the precursor of Omega-3 EPA and DHA.To meet a daily requirement of 1.25 g EPA and DHA /day a very high amount of ALA is needed to convert. Flaxseed powder offers tremendous health benefits. 
- only 1.25 g flax flour meets the claim “source of Omega-3 ALA” providing 300 mg Omega-3 ALA/

-anti-inflammatory & anti-thrombotic effects 

- lowering blood pressure & cholesterol: due to its unique composition of omegas, fibre, lignans & protein has a significant cardiovascular advantage

- evidence emerging that flaxseed shows beneficial actions on diabetes and gastrointestinal health.

Hemp seeds are applied in baked products as its high in protein and a great source of iron. With our expertise & ingredient portfolio we go the extra mile to inspire your customers with unique & healthy taste sensations. Interested in our mixes? Please get in touch, with our experts, we will find the optimum ingredient mix for you.