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Emulsifiers are crucial during hydration, volume, texture, machinability, stability.. Facing increasing cost of emulsifiers, while consumers look for clean labels. Using Emulase, (which is compatible with all flour types or processing methods) you can formulate alternatives to flour maturing agents like potassium bromide or azodicarbonamide. As biocatalysts, enzymes can reduce additives like emulsifiers and hydrocolloids.  Its low dosing makes it cost effective. Reduce your dependence on emulsifying agents (E471, E472e, E481..)with no loss of performance :

-Delivers the dough strengthening needed for high-quality end products. Ensures gas retention during proofing, volume & oven spring (dough expansion)

-dough stability & water retention (withstand mechanical stress during handling) consistent product quality with a homogeneous, white crumb

-suited to recipes containing butter or sensitive shortenings, as it pairs optimal dough strengthening with less risk of off-flavor generation.