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A complex (with proven performance) of proteases & xylanases for cost effective flour adjustment to your requirements as it efficiently weakens gluten for a softer gluten structure & extensible dough. Enables accurate shaping and imprinting with a uniform shape, surface andcolor. Delivers improved machinability and allows you to use a wider variety of flours. Guarantees high-quality, consistent biscuits & cookies.Dosed @ 200-1.000 ppm on flour weight in function of process & product type. Biscuit+ weakens gluten to achieve extensible dough characteristics to shape & prevent brittleness

  • Softer gluten structure with extensible dough giving uniform product shape, surface & colour
  • Improved mouth feel & texture
  • Reduces breakage & cost
  • prevents shrinkage & breakage of biscuits with excellent tolerance to raw material or process variations.