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milling process removes the external bran layer which contain healthy fibers & lignans, minerals & phenols. Wheat is ‘conditioned’ prior to grinding to toughen the bran & mellow the endosperm, facilitating the separation of the germ & external layers from the starchy proteinaceous endosperm . Temperase (patent pending) provides a significant optimization of the conditioning process with an increased flour extraction (time & energy savings) facilitating separation of hull from endosperm, IMPROVING:

  • flour yield & purity & particles size water absorption, stability (Farino) & rheology (P, L, W – Alveo)
  • flour color & whiteness (lower ash)
  • dough quality, less off-spec production
  • product volume, appearance, taste & crumb structure
  • Starch deformation rate & 30% more efficient sifting
  • effectiveness of flour correcting agents