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    tightens the structure of bakery products & contains antioxidants such as vitamin C, gallic acid, defending your cells against free radical damage, which is linked to numerous chronic diseases. Its distinctive taste, is used in cakes, bread, pasta, cookies, etc. Gluten free, extra energetic & nourishing. Rich in complex carbs, fibers, proteins, minerals & source of vit B. nutrition features:

    folic acid recommended in the diet of pregnant women. Counteracts cholesterol. Applied in case of hypercholesterolemia. Unsaturated vegetable fats, (oleic and linoleic acids), together with fiber, help to cleanse the blood of excess cholesterol. Prevents cardiovascular diseases & supports intestinal transit

    - alternative for those with cereal intolerance. Rich in phosphorus. Source of energy. to restore the body's correct mineral balance. Brings alanine, arginine, aspartic and glutamic acids, amino acids, essential elements from skin to muscles,

     chesnut or hazelnut flakes crumbled nuts used as ingredient in many preparation (ex. instant risotto with nuts taste, soups, fillings) 

  • Chestnut Flour 100 gr Energy and Nutrients

    Energy (kcal)                368

    Fat                                2.78

    Carbohydrates (%)      79.72

    Protein (%)                  6.06

    Sugar (%)                    16.00

    Ash (%)                       2.23