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FLAX meal

extracted from (organic/GMO free) cold pressed flax oil production. Halal, gluten free and vegan certified. Our (partial defatted) flax meal is used in binding systems due to its strong cold-swelling effect. Rich in fibre and vegetable protein & a low-carb food ideal for diabetics.


  • source of healthy fats &  antioxidant lignans
  • High source of (in)soluble fibre
  • high in Omega – 3 ALA, Low in saturated fat
  • Great source of valuable protein
  • innovative baking solutions enhancing nutrition, fiber content, flavour & texture 

    responding to the call for protein & fiber baked goods, Gusto provides functional nutrients blends replacing sugar & carbs to enjoy whole grain nutrition & indulgent texture without compromising shelf life !

    Enriched flour reintroduces vitamins and minerals removed during milling. By adding vitamins and minerals to bread, bakers are able to offer a more nutritious product providing micronutrients. Extracted for their healthy nutrition high in protein, fibre, starch, vitamins & minerals. Milled to the desired particle size, we get a mild taste Flour