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Wafer producers often have to cope with suboptimum flours with excessive gluten content. This can lead to a high viscosity of the wafer batter and clogging of batter nozzles by protein clumps. Xylanases, glucanase and proteases counteract this and enable smooth production and consistent product quality. Besides, the use of enzymes reduces energy consumption and baking times in wafer production.improves batter viscosity in cracker applications.Blend of endo-protease and fungal hemi-cellulase activity, providing improved processing features & final product characteristics.
-Extensibleeasilypump-ableresilient dough
-Toleranceto raw material variations 
-Breakingdown gluten forasmoothbatterwithoutlumps, hence better machinability & batch viscosity control
-Reducedbakingtime(energy consumption)