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DO+ : natural dough conditioners improve dough rheology & handling properties. Dough elastic and viscous properties are crucial during processing, e.g., dough rises because of CO2​ production by yeast in bread making. The major oxidizing agent is ascorbic acid. Insoluble proteins, called gluten, consists of globular gliadins and stretched glutenin. 

TRC5.1 concentrated bread improver in powder form, developed for the production of all kinds of baguettes and white breads.

BAGUETTE 5% providing baguettes & crusty rolls a crispy crust, bold volume & good crust retention. Premix is developed to maximize dough stability & minimize dough shrinking during incision, to yield baguettes with high loaf volume. Stimulates the formation of a ‘coupe de lame/gringe’.

SWEEDO 16% dough conditioner providing croissants & Danish pastry an improved softness, structure & volume Makes your danish pastry irresistible with less chemicals. improves dough quality, showing enhanced elastic and viscous properties. (dough rises more because of CO2​ production by yeast).