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high performing cake gel with strong whipping ability for outstanding volume. Monoglycerides form an alpha-gel, the most efficient emulsifier for (industrial) cake production in warm climates. WHY ALPHA-GEL INSTEAD OF A POWDER?

• Fast acting & easily soluble = Short mixing time & disperses well throughout the mixture. • easier to mix, instantly interacts with other ingredients and reduces mixing time by 50%.Made of pure vegetable origin with a very low level of trans fat acids: <1%. • Stabilize the batter during the baking process, and the cake during cooling. & Saves time by allowing the ”all-in-one-method” to be used.

cost-effective because of reduction of egg & low dosage (1–2% in batter weight)

Produces a high volume, soft & spongy texture.Promotes the aeration of cake batter by producing a large number of small, uniform air bubbles.

Dosage: 10–20 g /kg on total weight  Packing: 1-32 kg Shelf life: 18 m