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The perfect (sponge) cake, roll or muffin, starts with low protein flour: assures volume, firmness, tenderness & fine cakes. Avoids the formation of lumps during the batter phase, resulting in a light, stable batter. Heat treated cake flour improves emulsifying effect, stability and fine structure of the batter/cake. Improved gas holding capacity thus increased volume Fast water absorption due to fine particle size, resulting in a tender and juicy crumb Fast gelatinisation of the starch, resulting in a firm, resilient crumb
extra fine low ash flour milled from selected wheat varieties. It's unique rheology (under 0.44% ash) prevents oxidation of black spots for wafer, frozen dough & fresh pasta production  Assuring a unique homogeneous white dough without black spots ! Flour can heat treated to stabilize microbiological activity etc..