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Instant yeast added directly to the flour during mixing. Dosage depends on application, recipe, type of process & circumstances. Famous Bruggeman yeast brand for superior dough volume even at lower dosage ! Available in brown  high sugar dough, better bread appearance & texture. Dry, stable dough for better processability with high tolerance for flour and process variations

'yeast-in', specifically selected for the composition of “all-in” mixes, which need nothing but water to be added. This special yeast is the result of in-depth research to find an instant yeast with the most stable storage qualities in flour. The unique production process boosts the inherent characteristics of this yeast strain. Yeast-In® performs, provides an extraordinary shelf-life for an “all-in” mix. The specific qualities allow more regular baking results throughout the entire storage time.

    Packaging 10 kg net, vacuum bag-in-box. Dimensions: 292 x 200 x 325 mm